Steve & Idi

A Play in Fifteen Scenes



Steve, a neurotic gay playwright, is suffering from some serious writer's block. He refuses to acknowledge that his lover of eight years has dumped him for good, his writing is going nowhere and even his friends are deserting him. Enter the tyrannical, brutally honest and very dead Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada, with a very strange demand.  



Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre, 2008. 

Directed by: Eleanor Holdridge. 

Cast: David Grimm, Greg Keller, Zachary Knower, Michael Busillo, Evan Parke.



Developed in part with the assistance of the Sundance Institute Theatre Lab..

"Daring, imaginative, smartly sardonic"  

The Village Voice

"No one in New York writes dialogue quite like Grimm ... 

[He] effervesces so violently that he achieves liftoff, fizzing out of the Land of the Pleasantly Dirty Farce and landing on Planet Experimental Theater ... a comedian with empathy." — VARIETY


 "A PALPABLE expression of love for the theatre ... it utterly enchants"  

—The New York Sun