Kit Marlowe

A Play in Two Acts



Hungry for adventure and a way to make his mark, poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe becomes a spy for a dark wing of the British government and seals his hero Sir Walter Raleigh's fate and his own. Set in the seedy underworld of Elizabethan England, this story of the meteoric rise and fall of Kit Marlowe — playwright, poet, spy and sexual outlaw — charts the ambitions of youth in a cold and unforgiving world.  



Joseph Papp Public Theatre/New York Shakespeare Festival, 2000

Directed by: Brian Kulick  

Cast: Sam Trammell, Martin Rayner, Bostin Christopher, Christian Camargo, Richard Ziman, Jon DeVries, David Patrick Kelly, Chris Kipiniak, Craig Bockhorn, Robert Sella, Keith David, Ned Stressen-Reuter. 







OF 2000"

NY Post

"Fiendishly ENTERTAINING and wildly sensational"  —TimeOut NY 

"A rip-roaring, moving drama by the gifted playwright David Grimm.

KIT MARLOWE puts him on the map in a big way."  —The Journal News 

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